Aaron McKenna

Aaron McKenna
United Kingdom
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Experienced in leading, transforming, working in, teaching, coaching and consulting in agile methodologies across multiple geographies and timezones for over 10 years. I am a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Program Consultant (SPC), Collaboration Superpowers Facilitator, Management 3.0 Licensed Facilitator, LeSS Practitioner, Certified Scrum Master, Product Owner and Professional. 

I have most recently been an integral part in multiple global SAFe implementations, one for a multinational food, snack, and beverage organisation with revenues of over $60billion and over 250,000 employees and secondly for a large US based financial services company of over 15,000 employees and revenues of over $8billion. On both transformations I provided transformational thought leadership, lead coaching, remote working workshops and executive consultancy on multiple programs, launching multiple agile release trains, spanning 4 continents. I am also experienced in enabling an agile approach to the deployment and adoption of a SAP transformation.

I am active in the UK and Global software community, and work with organisations and teams around the world.

I am experienced of training and working with teams and programs in the UK, USA, Central America, Mainland Europe, the Middle East, India and China.

I deliver certified training courses for multiple SAFe certifications, Management 3.0 Workshops, Work Together Anywhere remote working workshops and many uncertified agile, scrum, kanban and product ownership courses.

I am a director of McKenna Consultants, a team of professional computer programmers and agile consultants. We specialise in a broad range of technologies for windows, web-based and mobile apps. Our mission is to contribute to find better ways to deliver products. In my role as the Enterprise Transformation Director, I am responsible for our Agile Services Division.

Attendees feedback

Bob Dobson

Great diction, clear speaking, excellent ability to connect.

Tom Austin

Aaron was engaging, energetic, and made the class flow quickly! He really tried to get everyone engaged and participating.

Nick McKenna

Great, clear explanations.

Daniel Kargl

Clear, good pace, explained everything in simple, easy to understand terms. On time.

Ryan Head,PepsiCo

Engaging, responsive, accommodating, knowledgeable & personable

Aidee Fischer

Time was well managed. Exercises were fun and helped us tap into our creativity. It was clear that the facilitator was well grounded in this and was not just passing on something he read. I particularly liked the way he balanced the need for us (as facilitators) to appear professional and control our environment to avoid distractions for participants, while encouraging us to be empathetic for those participants that are struggling with working remotely (kids, dogs, camera shy, etc.)

Tracy McKenna

Friendly, welcoming and put everyone at ease.

Josh Kite,Pivot Agile

I really like Aaron. He went at a very good pace and did a good job of keeping the material appropriately lighthearted.

Roberto Argento,Valueflow

Aaron is great in engaging people

Shelley Staten,Springbach Consulting

Engaging, dynamic. Direct. He set high expectations.

Keith hamson,PepsiCo

Creating a relaxed / safe environment, good examples to draw upon, accessible, frequent interractions, good pacing

Charlie van de Kerkhof,Ministry of Web Development

Engaged, energetic, knowledgeable.

Bruno Leonardo,NA

Really positive, give space to everyboday, goes with the flow in the right way, respect everybody opinions

Hannah Adams,PepsiCo

Kept it light, fun, engaging while delivering the content. I was very surprised that he offered a catch up session when I couldn't attend- did not expect that so of course extra nice

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