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Lisette Sutherland is a remote-working, German-born, Dutch-American, living in the Netherlands – who is totally jazzed by the fact that it’s possible to work from anywhere. She authored the Work Together Anywhere Handbook, hosts an award-winning podcast featuring remote-working experts, and facilitates workshops on a variety of remote working topics like hybrid working, better online meetings, and virtual leadership.

Lisette has given presentations at a wide range of events, from conferences all over the world, to podcasts, online meetups, telepresence and virtual reality, and then back to earth for a TEDx talk in Kaunas, Lithuania.

For 7 years (2013-2020), Lisette served as the Remote Office Manager for the 100% remote company, Management 3.0, focused on helping organisations implement modern leadership strategies.

She is currently serving as a member of the EU/US Transatlantic Expert Group on the future of work brought together by Bruegel and the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

Her company, Collaboration Superpowers, provides individuals, teams, and managers with a roadmap of how to work together anywhere – successfully through online, interactive workshops given by professional licensed facilitators all over the world.

Attendees feedback

Andrea Darabos,Founder, Partner at Lean Advantage Ltd.

I have first met Lisette as a member of an international professional network called Happy Melly. Lisette has been a virtual facilitator for years for our community - helping us to use always the latest remote working technology, video recordings etc. Lisette has been also instrumental in creating a discussion and purpose in our virtual community, through facilitating the creation of online discussion forums, team ground rules and values and online meeting best practices. As Lisette became a uniquely skilled professional in the remote working field and started offering workshops, I had a chance to attend her workshop in the Netherlands in Amsterdam and also in London multiple times (year 2014 and 2015). She has always been professional, engaging and a great facilitator of learning - her training style had a good mix of engaging, interactive activities. Later I had a chance to experience Lisette as a conference speaker - equally engaging and has tons of practical stories to share from her consulting experience - from NASA to Vietnam and Lebanon etc. One time, I remember Lisette gave a talk remotely, talking from the screen of a robot, that kept moving around on stage... I highly recommend her as a trainer, speaker as well as an advisor in the remote working/virtual teamwork field.

Mark Wightman,CTO at

The Work Together Anywhere workshop has helped us immeasurably in building a successful & happy new distributed team. I talked the team through all of my notes from the workshops and having a shared model for things we need to care about has enabled us to get solid foundations in place quickly. We've already benefited hugely from many of the tips and tricks learned from the workshop.


“By far the best online course I have ever participated in. It was extremely well organised, described & facilitated. You were not left on your own for any longer than 5 minutes so there was no un-useful downtime. The organiser went out of her way to integrate everyone into the course and my learnings were substantial.”

Johan Nyberg,Change and Transformation Leadership | Agile Enterprise Coach | Management Trainer | Lean & Agile Governance

The Work Together Anywhere Workshop emphasizes what the organizations that are successful [with remote working] really do. It gives you facts based on the large amount of interviews Lisette has done. Ideas like - “we cannot do this or that because of ‘culture’” can be compared with the actual experiences from the people who are really successful.

Andrew Kidd,Transformation Coach at Barclaycard

Working with Lisette is a delight - she’s highly motivating, insightful, and brings with her a wealth of useful and accessible subject matter expertise (just listen to any of her PodCasts). I was so impressed with my experience that I signed up to become a facilitator in her material and I’ve incorporated it into my coaching practice.

Regina Brandhuber,Agile Music Coach und Promotionsstudentin an der Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg, Musikpädagogin, Komponistin

Dear Lisette, taking part in your workshop inspired me to change future career plans. I got a very good overview over all important tools and techniques of remote work, so that I now feel comfortable enough starting with the first virtual classroom at the music academy. I already got the go for it. The training was so smooth that the change came very quietly, without any kind of effort. That impressed me the most. Thanks for that.

Milenko Bugueno,Co-Founder at Agile Moves GmbH

The Work Together Anywhere workshop inspired me a lot. It provided me plenty of insights into new ways and tools for remote collaboration. Now I am not only using that knowledge with the teams I work remotely with but in our company we switched our in-person trainings to remote ones.

Robbert Windsant,Scrum master at Rabobank

We piloted the “Work Together Anywhere” workshop with several teams at Rabobank. I can see a difference between the teams who took the workshop and the teams that didn’t. Teams who followed the workshop are having more effective remote stand-up meetings, retrospectives and planning sessions. They meet on time with fewer technical difficulties and use a digital board to make work visible and track progress. It’s no longer a big deal for them to be remote.

Katherine Jacob,HR & Operations Officer, Family For Every Child

Just creating a team agreement makes it into a THING, which can be talked about. This is the first step. And it means we can start to expect certain behaviours, like putting your leave into the organisational calendar. The team agreement has given us a handle on something that was before, completely intangible.

Bernie Mitchell,Blogger | Podcaster | Freelancer

I’ve been looking for work online to supplement my family’s travel budget. The Work Together Anywhere Workshop gave me confidence in my ability to work remotely.

Cedric Borzee,Learning Services Director | CrossKnowledge UKI & Nordics - Member of Wiley Group

My team adopted some of the tools we learned about in the Work Together Anywhere workshop and it has made our weekly calls so much more engaging.

Kristjan Kongo,Senior Regional Project Manager at Nordea Bank

I have started joining online meetings earlier and some of my colleagues have picked up the same habit. It's an easy way to create personal time and catch up before our meetings start.

Melanie Puerschel

very inspiring and professional seems to have long year experience in the topic many lively examples is doing what she is praising

Seumeet Madan

LIsette is an exceptionally good in explaining the concepts as to what can help you in situations, what tools can be used and also how the tools can be leverage to your needs.

Dawn Wesolek,Career Coach, Remote Working Specialist, Agile Business Coach and Entrepreneur

After taking the Work Together Anywhere workshop, I felt confident enough to actively promote myself as an agile coach for remote teams. I use it as a way to differentiate myself from the competition.

Kevin Miyashiro,Principal & Founder at Agile Gurus

The Work Together Anywhere workshop reinforced an appreciation for setting up a high quality environment. It’s the little things - sound quality, background noise - that help add to the softer aspects of team building.

Bianca Roitsch,Scrum Master/Agile Coach at movingimage

After the workshop, our teams started experimenting with how to best have productive meetings with in person and remote attendees. I also scheduled virtual lunches with people and made some new personal connections with a couple of team mates using the Personal Maps exercise.

Midori Krieger

Very knowledgeable and professional. Great on line facilitation skill

Roberta Sawatzky

She made the sessions fun and very interactive. She listened well and Responded with honest and helpful feedback. Set made running workshops virtual meetings, seamless.

Nicola Lovadina,NL project management Consulting

A lot of material is shown during the workshop, and Lisette is excellent in keeping everyone engaged.

Cristina Popescu

I felt very comfortable being in a virtual setting with Lisette! She kept us all engaged throughout the course and it was very visible that she was invested in helping us learn.

Suzee Sanderlin

Inclusive, well prepared, accommodating, a nice person

Klaus Muta,SimCorp A/S

Lisette Sutherland was awesome! Very engaging, smiling and fantastic facilitating all our meetings. Really pro. We learned lots of stuff while having fun! I have already improved my own meetings hugely by just using small techniques/virtual tools learned - AND received good feedback.

Klara Mojzisek,Axpo

Lisette is very passionate (AND experienced) about this topic and can bring across the enthusiasm for this topic. Everything was well prepared, good and logical structure of course - time management also excellent and interactive with many fun exercises.

Yves Hanoulle

- energy - knowledge - leaves her ego offline - make sure everyone participates (equally)

Fredrik Milton

Inclusive, engaging and a perfect mix of being professional and still be personal

Stephan Huez,Founder and Change Maker at Wiser Hare sprl

I feel that the course is more an experience than a course. It allows participants to experience what it means to work together anywhere.

David Morris

Lisette's experience with helping others understand how to collaborate well when working remotely was really evident. As participants, we were put at our ease, nudged enough out of our comfort zone to be ready to learn, and had some fund while doing all of it. After having followed and read Lisette for so long, it was fantastic to e able to spend time with her.

Nicole Twiehaus

engaging, inclusive, motovating, great knowledge and also great in sharing her knowledge with us

Carolin Otto

Lisette was very polite. She is a very good facilitator. Her workshop was well prepared and organized. The ROTI was excellent.

jonathan lennström nyström

Great at keeping the audience engaged and had a clear purpose and red thread throughout the entire workshop

Erik Vanderstraeten

kept everybody involved. good tempo. useful quick tips to how to use the tools used in the meeting (zoom & miro) having us experience the tools instead of just explaining it smiling and enthusiastic

Frank Ewert

Lisette was very present and conscious of all participants, building fast connections. She explained why she did things what made it valuable for me. She gave everyone who wanted air time and delivered the workshop in time without making us feel hasted. (The content on the board just shows how much we could have explored...)

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