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9.28 / 10 Rating for public events based on 25 evaluations
8.33 / 10 Rating for private events based on 3 evaluations

Nikoletta is an Agile Coach who found her passion in helping teams and individuals grow and become more successful. 
She spent the past ten years working on agile software projects, reading books, listening to podcasts, and training with kettlebells. 

She is interested in all things related to agile, happiness, motivation, remote collaboration, useful metrics, stoicism ... 

Attendees feedback

Kimberley Killen,Project Momentum Consulting

Very knowledgeable, interesting perspectives, well-orrganized, personable.

Katie Feeney,ChemAxon

Fostered engaging discussions, provided excellent resources

Sam Cranford,myElefant / Sinch

They both have good experiences and worked well together during the sessions. They both shared a lot of personal/professional experiences that enhanced the sessions.

Luka Bureo


Pierre Bousquié

Very open. Lots of perceived experience shared by real life stories.

María Anes Jiménez,NETMIND SL - ESB59197970

Facilitating, coaching, mentoring

Ildikó Balázs-Papp

Nikoletta has a deep knowledge about the topic and she also has been passionate about passing it to the participants. The style of the training itself can be something to learn from as well.

Tamás Lakner

created an open, friendly environment for participants, very energetic

Eszter Kardos

Experience, prepared toolset, kindness, curiosity, clear communication

Radovan Kacin

Welcoming. Perfect timing, starting and ending on time (a sign of a professional). Good mastery of the content while remaining curious about new insights.

Katja Polovtseva

Good listener, plenty of practical example, excellent communication skills

Linda Burghardt

Very sympathetic and open, very interactive, really good knowledge of the tools and experiences!

Zsolt Varga

Niki communicates very well! She used clear language in all sessions, listened carefully to each participant, so she was 100% present. Her personal experiences, stories about working (and not working) tools made the content authentic.

András Bakonyi

Kind, deep understanding of the topic.

Thomas Apps

Very friendly, very clear. Nikoletta took the time to learn about us too, and used that to shape the course, which I think is an awesome thing to do.

Katalin Pongó

effective communication skills, energetic person, enthusiastic

Simon Flossmann

Very open and curious. Created immediately a safe space for us to work.

Vera Pentek

She is organized and her positive attitude made the workshop enjoyable and stress free.

Sarolta Mezei,RDI Hungary Kft.

Creative, smiling, welcoming, giving freedom

Helga Vanda Koczogh

Nice, helpful, knowledgeable

Daniel Pokrývka,4finance IT

Clear speech, good cadence, interesting mix of tools used for workshop

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